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Consumer Insights Through Qualitative Research

Maddy Wolf
Maddy Wolf is an experienced
market research professional
with an in-depth understanding
of consumer behavior

  • 25+ years of listening and continually learning from the consumer

  • BA in Psychology, Duke University; M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, Columbia University

  • Effective partnering with research and marketing clients

  • Extensive work in new product introductions from concept development through product launch

  • Long term experience maintaining, up-dating or re-positioning established brands

  • Marketing oriented analysis and reports

Key Category Experience

  • Packaged goods, including food/beverage and household products

  • Image-driven products

  • Restaurants

  • Retailers

Interview PhilosophyQRCA Member

  • Low-key, gentle, and encouraging style allows adults,
    children and teens to openly share thoughts, experiences
    and opinions